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Admission Requirements

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Note:  Foreign student applications will be made online from our university web page on the dates announced. These applications will be evaluated by the departments. Accepted applications and thesis supervisor appointments will be sent to the Graduate School of Social Sciences.

Documents demanded from prospective foreign students for student acceptance (During the online application, the necessary documents should be uploaded on the system.):    


1- Original diploma and its certified Turkish translation (for foreign students who got their bachelor’s degree and/or did their master’s degree in a foreign country), 

2- Originalcertified transcript and its certified Turkish translation which shows the graduation grade average,

3- Turkish Competence Certificate for programs whose language of instruction is Turkish, (For students who does not have Turkish Competence Certificate, an examination will be done by our University’s Turkish Language Center. The students should take at least C1 level from this examination. The students who cannot show this document are allowed for 1+1 year for Turkish language education.)

4- Passport photocopy and its notary certified Turkish translation (For students who have Educational Visa),

5- Certified photocopy of residence permit which is taken from The Directorate of Migration Management (It will be given back to the student after the registration),  

6- 4 photographs (4,5x6 cm) which have been taken in the last 6 months,

7- 1 letter of intent which expresses the aim of the study,

8- 2 reference letters (The original ones must be shown during the registration), 

9-Students who will get a scholarship must show their original scholarship document and its certified Turkish translation,

10- Foreign students who want to register to a doctoral program should take at least 55 points in any foreign language (except their mother language) from YDS, ÜDS or KPDS or these students should take a point equivalent to a score of 55 from TOEFL- IBT or any of the foreign language exam which are accepted by the Inter – University Council. The students should bring their language certificates until the end of course period at the latest.

Foreign students who apply for Western Languages and Literature Department should show at least a score of 55 (in French, Russian, Arabic, German etc.) except language of instruction from YDS, or a foreign language exam equivalent to a score of 55. The students should bring their language certificates until the end of course period at the latest. The student who does not bring their language certificates cannot enter proficiency exam.

11-Documents such as being a valedictorian, national or international scholarship or award, academic or occupational studies and sport records are taken into consideration for student acceptance.

 Tuition Fee:     

 *International students’ tuition fee for one semester is 768(Turkish Lira),